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Stragenics, Inc - (OTCQB -ASAB) has provided details on it's new acquisition, BakedAmerican.com and that is great news for investors! Don't miss this trade!

Stragenics Completes Acquisition of BakedAmerican.com

MELBOURNE, FL - December 1, 2014 / Stragenics, Inc. (ASAB), a technology development and strategic investment company, announced today it has completed the acquisition of BakedAmerican.com, a move that launches Stragenics new Media Business Group.

The website, which is finalizing testing for a limited time in a prototype format, is nearing its commercial release. More information will be forthcoming on the prototype release.

BakedAmerican is a recreational cannabis consumer website providing product information, dispensary locations, strain information and resources for marijuana legal states. The site will allow consumers to identify, rate and explore legal marijuana dispensaries and compare experiences and products. The news channel, via RSS information sources, provides news feeds for marijuana related information focused on nationally important developments, impact on state legislation, new trends and new legislation.

Future projects for BakedAmerican include an on-line video resource channel featuring original content and a new forum site where users will be able to share information, ideas, practical solutions to issues discussed in multiple threads.

This first new acquisition for Stragenics, Inc. is in line with the Company's strategy of pursuing the building of shareholder value through both acquisitions and internal business development of, or investment in, small public and private technology companies entering their commercialization stage.

This is huge news for ASAB!

We are currently witnessing the birth of a new industry - an industry that is going to make millionaires, even billionaires out of early investors.

The medical and recreational cannabis industry is the Housing Boom meets the Dot Com era combined.

This new industry is even bigger than the technology explosion that made so many early investors wealthy during the 80’s and 90’s.

Just imagine if you had bought Microsoft back in March of 1986. 100 shares would have cost you $2100. If you sold at Microsoft’s peak, that $2100 would have made you a whopping 1.4 million dollars!

The new cannabis sector is providing savvy investors with those same opportunities for huge profits.

Once again, early investors are getting rich.

People just like you are making stunning profits.

The medical and recreational marijuana industry is the Housing Boom meets the Dot Com era combined.

The Marijuana Stock Index exploded from .65 to an astounding high of $69.00!

That’s a 10,000% gain. A single $5000 investment grew to $500,000.

$5000 turned into a half a million dollars!

A new wave of companies has begun to enter the cannabis sector. These companies have solid business plans, strong leadership and have taken the time to properly enter this explosive sector.

These new companies are the serious players in the new sector – these are the companies investors are looking for to lead the next explosion in marijuana stocks.

It is very likely that some of these new companies will be on the fast track to up list to the NASDAQ in 2015.

Many of them will be bought by the big players like Microsoft, Google and Facebook.

With the acquisition of BakedAmerican.com ASAB is one of these new companies.

BakedAmerican.com is a new business venture and web presence. It will serve to guide individuals in the use and availability of marijuana for medical and recreational purposes. The website’s exciting and comprehensive mix of product and vendor information as well as its contributing writers and social media platform will quickly grow the user base, making the website even more attractive to the growing number of cannabis sector advertisers.

But BakedAmerican.com will be more than just a website with collected data. It will be a gateway to the Marijuana Industry. It will be an active social network focused on quality information and featuring hot applications for the burgeoning new industry.

It will also offer a satisfying social experience - much like the highly profitable website Yelp - with users having the ability to create accounts, interact with other users and post reviews. Yelp now trades at $75 a share and has grown into a multinational business with a 5.57 billion dollar market cap.

What Yelp has done for the food and services industries, ASAB’s BakedAmerican can do for the marijuana sector - and that can attract big buyers like Google, Facebook or Microsoft.

It’s happened before - Facebook bought WhatsApp for $ 19billion. Microsoft bought Skype in 2011 for $8.5 billion. Google bought Nest $3.2 Billion. Making early investors in those small companies very rich!

It could happen again! The potential advertising revenues for bakedamerican.com are unlimited. Industry gurus predict ad revenues for the marijuana sector could hit $800 million per year by 2018.

The thousands of start up business in the marijuana space need to put their goods and services in front of the growing marijuana customer base. BakedAmerican.com can engage and deliver that targeted demographic so important to the new marijuana start ups.

The marijuana sector is exploding. ASAB is part of the new wave of marijuana companies.

Smart investors see the staggering potential for huge gains with ASAB.

This new industry is already making smart investors rich.

Do not miss out on ASAB!

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