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While we wish it were possible, no, because as everyone knows; the market can be unstable. For that reason we sometimes take a little more time in making what we feel is the right choice. We would much rather take a little more time and send you a pick with high potential, than rush things and send you anything other than the BEST picks possible!

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Although making superb gains 100% of the time is an impossible promise for anyone to make, our track record speaks for itself. 11 out of our last 12 picks posted gains after we issued an alert to our members. Many of those went on to post over 1000% and even 2000% gains. Imagine what that could have meant for your bottom line?

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Yes. Our service is 100% FREE If you choose our SMS Text Alert Service please remember that some cellphone service providers do charge text and data rates for each message recieved. Check with your provider to be sure.

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Alan K, Tampa, FL

What a fantastic service! I've missed more trades than I care to remember. Doubled my money with you guys last week!

Robin M, Houston, TX

With your text alert I gained 40% on a trader friend. He waited on another service's email…

John W, San Francisco, CA

Just wanted you all to know that I got a premarket buy in today on your alert. Got out by 10AM with a cool $5K gain. Not bad.

Hans S, Wolfsburg, Germany

Ja, FANTASTISCH! Ein Super Fahrvergnügen mit Stock Tipps! Danke! Danke! Danke!


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